Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I play a local multiplayer game with two controllers?

During set up in quick match, press 'options' on the second controller as prompted in the screenshot below.

Player 2 will then be able to select their own player and aiming aid using the second controller.

2. How do I set up an online game with a friend? 

Both players select 'Online VS' from the main menu and select 'Edit Code' using the button prompt on screen to create a unique Match Invite Code.

An option will appear on screen to edit the match invite code, to proceed both players must select 'Accept' and enter the same unique code (include both numbers and letters if possible) and confirm the code using the on screen button prompt.

Once this has been confirmed, both players will see the same Match Invite Code underneath their pro record and will be able to play an online match together by selecting 'Search for Match'.

3. How are online tournament points calculated?

In Online Tournaments there are Leaderboard ranking points at stake from both players in every match. The Leaderboard scoring system is based on a similar design to the traditional Elo rating system.

  • If you win, you win the points at stake from your opponent

  • If you lose, you lose the points at stake to your opponent

How many points are at stake for each player is a factor that changes every match. It changes to reflect the delta in rank between the two players. 

If your opponent has a much higher points total than you, you stand to gain a large amount of points from them if you win (and you'll only lose a small amount of points if you lose).

If your opponent has a much lower points total than you, you stand to gain only a small amount of points from them if you win (and you'll lose a large amount of points if you lose).

If your ranking score is equal, then you both stand to gain or lose an equal stake.

The total sum of points at stake in any match for each player can be a maximum of 32.

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